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The convenience of two labs in one! Operating a dental practice today is a huge challenge. We believe Great White can play a particular role in helping you meet that challenge. We've created our Two Tiers of Service - so you can benefit from two labs in one while knowing that we provide great aesthetics, fit and function across the board.

What is a two tiered fee schedule -"two labs in one"? More doctors are using multiple labs to manage costs, while trying to make sure a particular lab is not under or over qualified for a specific case. At Great White Dental, we give you two labs to choose from - saving you time, frustration, and money.

How our two tiers help you: By assessing your practice and the unique demands of any particular case, we can deliver efficient and optimal results. We make it simple for you, your staff, and your billing department to use one lab for the majority of your needs. We get to know your practice intimately, with one service person helping manage all your laboratory needs. In other words, we keep it simple!

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